Foram Khambati Takes a 3fer Eagles vs Falcons

Date: 25th December

In the spirit of Christmas festivities, Mauka 365 organized a special cricket match at Dadar Union, adding a unique twist to the game with a Santa-themed incentive. Participants wearing a Santa cap and taking charge of the bowling received a free Gatorade. The special holiday match witnessed enthusiastic participation from the players, with Danny and Harsh emerging as the fortunate recipients of the refreshing drink.



The match kicked off at 9:37 AM, setting the stage for a day filled with cricketing excitement. Falcon Mauka opened the batting, posting a total of 51 runs in 7.4 overs, including 7 extras. As the innings progressed, the team reached the 100-run mark in 14 overs, with the extras contributing 21 runs. Falcon Mauka continued to build on their momentum, reaching 150 runs in 19.2 overs, boosted by 28 extras. The innings concluded with Falcon Mauka scoring 154/8 in 20 overs, with Pravin Sanil Sir scoring a Respectful 30 Runs from 38 Deliveries and Chaitanya continuing his fine form from previous day. Best Bowler for Eagle was Foram Khambati who gave just 21 Runs from his 4 Overs and Took 3 Wickets



The second innings commenced at 11:38 AM, featuring Eagles White Ball at the crease. The team started strong, reaching 50 runs in 5.2 overs, including 8 extras. The partnership of Harshal Chavan (24 runs) and Ajinkya Tirthgirikar (20 runs) added 50 runs in just 22 balls. Eagles White Ball accelerated their scoring, reaching 101 runs in 9 overs, with 11 extras. The team crossed the 150-run mark in 14.1 overs, accumulating 14 extras. The day concluded with Eagles White Ball at 157/6 in 14.2 overs, with Harshal Chaval  blazing away from 47 Runs from just 25 Balls.


Man of the Match was Foram Khambati for his Brilliant Bowling Skill.

The Mauka 365 Christmas Special Cricket Match not only provided an entertaining display of cricketing skills but also infused the holiday spirit into the game. The unique Santa-themed incentive added an extra layer of fun and camaraderie to the event, making it a memorable and festive occasion for all participants.

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