Sanika Chalke Shows her All Round Performance


In the CRICFIT PREMIER LEAGUE ONE DAY CHAMPIONSHIP Under 16 Girls , The  Match was played between KINGLY 2 vs ACHREKAR CRICKET CLUB. The game was played on Azad Maidan.

The Toss was won by KINGLY 2 and elected to  BAT.

First Innings:

KINGLY 2 Scores a mere 80/10 Runs in 34.1 Overs.

Second Innings:

In the Second Inning ACHREKAR CRICKET CLUB chased it down in 8.3 over

Best Performances

Batters R B 4s 6s SR


Bowlers O M R W Eco
Kashish Nirmal (Achrekar Cricket Club) 5.1 2 5 4 0.97
Sanika Chalke (Achrekar Cricket Club) 4.0 0 7 3 1.75
Disha (Achrekar Cricket Club) 4.0 1 13 1 3.25

Woman of the Match: Sanika Chalke for her All Round Performance

Scorecard link:



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